Gambassi Terme, physical and spiritual wellbeing along the Via Francigena

 Gambassi Terme

Perched on a ridge that marks the watershed between the Elsa and Egola rivers and the Casciani stream, is the old town of Gambassi Terme. Enframed by a landscape of gently rolling hills, dirt roads, cypress trees and woods, over the years the town has become a tourist destination thanks to its thermal baths and wine estates.

 Valdelsa on the Via Francigena

An ancient territory inhabited by the Etruscans and the Romans, during the Middle Ages Gambassi was a station for travellers and pilgrims along the Via Francigena. Against this fascinating background today stands a spa which offers diverse treatments ranging from traditional thermal therapies to the latest beauty innovations. Immersed in an immense green park with age-old trees, visitors here come for either glamour or relaxation and to be restored from the stress and strain of everyday life.

 Respiratory treatments

L’Acqua Salsa, Salt Water, is suitable for hydrophilic therapies for various disorders with a detoxifying and anti-inflammatory effect as well as in inhalation therapies for disorders of the respiratory system. At the beauty centre, instead, care is concentrated on the beauty of both face and body with various services associated with the use of salt water as well as Ayurvedic and lymphatic drainage massages.

 Holiday accommodation in Gambassi Terme S253

The spa is without doubt the ideal place for a relaxing holiday. For those wishing to visit the thermal centre, lacking in hotel accommodation, we recommend this lovely stone villa for 6 with swimming pool at just a kilometre from the town centre. The villa is also in a perfect position for visiting surrounding medieval villages and art towns such as San Gimignano (at 18 km), Volterra (at 28 km) and Florence (at 49 km).

 Holiday accommodation in Gambassi Terme S253

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