Arezzo, ICASTICA 2015

 01 Icastica

Icastica means “the art of representing reality” and for three years now the town of Arezzo has been hosting this cultural event which deals with international aesthetics by means of  art, entertainment and study days.

 02 Icastica

On from June 28th to September 27th, the theme of this year’s edition is “Cultivating Culture” following Expo Milano 2015 title concept: “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”. Contemporary artists from all over the world will be invading town.

 03 Icastica

Sites will be all over the old town centre; from churches to museums, from streets to squares, hosting exhibitions, conferences, concerts, film showings and poetry readings. There will also be Icastica tours of Arezzo.

 04 Fabio Vitale, Pietà, 2006

A great opportunity to visit Arezzo, its sights and see some interesting artworks.

 05 Accommodation in Arezzo S113

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