Cortona on the Move

 01 Cortona

The International Photography Festival. Cortona on the Move, this year is celebrating its first five years of activity. During this short period Cortona OTM has rapidly become a major event for professional photographers, journalists, keen amateurs and enthusiasts around the world.

 02 The Christian Lutz Exhibition, Trilogy

Back from July 16th to September 27th, the success of Cortona OTM is due to both the Festival’s quality of content and research as to Cortona’s undeniable magical beauty. Here the extraordinary locations open to numerous photo exhibitions and its followers.

 03 OFF Circuit 2015 ©Marika Dee, Mongolia's Urban Youth - Between Tradition and Globalization

The aim of the Festival is to celebrate Journey: real or imaginary, shocking or innovatory, a voyage of self-discovery or the representation of man’s condition.  This year’s focus will be on Russia with exhibitions by Alexander Gronsky (Pastoral), Tatiana Plotnikova (The Mari – The Last Pagans Of Europe), Ksenia Diodorova (Into the Cold) and Eugenia Arbugaeva (Weather Man).

 04 The William Albert Allard Exhibition, Portraits of America

Besides exhibitions, the Festival also organizes workshops with contemporary professional photographers, exhibitions for emerging talents (Off Circuit) followed by helpful advice (Portofolio Readings), various conferences and dinners in addition to the competition Happiness on the Move.

 05 © Kai Wiedenhoefer, Confrontier

Certainly an excellent excuse for all photography lovers to come over and explore Cortona.

 06 © Tomas van Houtryve, Blue Sky Days

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